Distributed by:

  eSilo, LLC. (see LICENSE file)

People who currently fix bugs and perform most of the forward development.

  Andrew Chernow   ac (at) esilo (dot) com

Written by:
Original people behind the libpqtypes project core functionality and
architecture (June 2007 - Apr 2008).  The wounded warriors who battled the
PostgreSQL team trying to get libpqtypes into the main source tree.  That
battle continues to be waged as we believe libpqtypes is a far more
advanced and powerful client interface for PostgreSQL than the vanilla libpq.

  Andrew Chernow   ac (at) esilo (dot) com
  Merlin Moncure   mmoncure (at) gmail (dot) com

People who have proven to be helpful over the years with their critical
thinking, design ideas and bug detection.

  Jeremy Smith     jeremy (at) esilo (dot) com

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