This package contains the source code, documentation and management
files for the libpqtypes library, an extension to the PostgreSQL
libpq library.

libpqtypes is a libpq extension that offers a new way of handling 
parameterized queries and getting result field values.  Both 
putting parameters and getting values use a printf/scanf style 
interface, with consistent specifiers for both. 

  - Full support for binary and text format (parameter and result)

  - Full support for composites, arrays and composite arrays.

  - printf style interface to libpq's binary parameterized API.

  - scanf style interface for getting values: PQgetvalue extension.

  - Ability to register user-defined types, aliases and data type
    sub-classes for use with printf style interfaces: ex. "%mytype".

  - Per-thread global error message: PQgeterror, PQseterror.

  - Online docs as well as man pages.

libpqtypes cannot be used by itself, it can only be used with libpq.
To build and install libpqtypes, see the INSTALL file included with
this package.  

libpqtypes is released under the BSD license just like all software
components of the PostgreSQL Database Management System.  See the
LICENSE file included with this package.

libpqtypes is a contribution of eSilo, LLC and was written by
Andrew Chernow and Merlin Moncure.  See the AUTHORS file.

To report bugs, feature requests or general questions goto the 
libpqtypes forum at 
or send an email to <>.

Online documentation:

The latest version: